We know that better associates creates better guest experience in hospitality business! If you AGREE then we are here to help you with any questions you may have.

Looking for skilled team members or in the search of middle – senior managers?

Our worldwide partners such as Maxx Royal, Gloria Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Oman Air and Gulf Air have received service beyond their expectation.

Well organised online interviews, overseas recruitment trips, visa process follow up and more... It’s much easier with us!


  1. You send us your request and available positions.
  2. We select and pre-screen candidates according to your requirements and provide you list of candidates.  You can choose people you want to interview
  3. We arrange skype-interviews between candidates and you.  After interview you send job offer to candidates you would like to hire
  4. Then send us air ticket and visa for  successful employees


Some employers want to have personal interviews with candidates. Recruitment trip is the best opportunity to interview and hire the best candidates.

We provide intensive advertising campaign for the forthcoming interview

Base on requested number of employee we are inviting interested and suitable candidates from all over Ukraine.
All you need just to choose suitable candidates, GlobWorks is handeling the rest of official formalities to make it easier for you.

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