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Latest Opportunities

  • After the end of the contract because of the resulting qualification (Advanced English, experience in world- class companies, the experience of working with people), you can successfully build a career, move to higher positions and to increase earnings

  • Ability to obtain letters of recommendation to work abroad, thereby increasing their chances of further employment in other countries.

  • The ability to make money and build a career: The salary that can be completely set aside, as the employer provides full board: free flight, visa, meals, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance.

With us or alone? Decide yourself!

  • For a long time:

    You can spend on the selection of vacancies up to six months, and not the fact that your efforts will be crowned with success. So much time to sit without work?

  • Expensive:

    Be prepared to shell out about $1300 ($180-visa, $250 tickets, search and rental habitation $700, food- $200 per month). But you are looking for a job just because you need money!

  • Danger:

    Ignorance UAE labor law and general legal illiteracy can lure you into a trap. Ask on the forums about the labor slavery, deceit and complete lack of rights of foreign workers.

  • Futility:

    No recommendations ignorance of the subtleties can get you to settle for low-paid unskilled labor, or even create the risk of stay in quarantine and deportation.

  • It is useless:

    You can never find a job because of the banal indecision, lack of real information about job openings, poor language skills, be interviewed for fear, fear of the unknown.

  • Fast:

    Search and registration will take only 1-2 months. We have a current database of vacancies and liaise with major employers.

  • Package:

    The whole package - selection, full legal support.

  • Safe:

    We carefully inspect each contract and do everything possible to protect your rights. We know about all the "pitfalls" and reduce your risk to zero.

  • Effectiveness:

    We are looking for the victorious position that is right for you, based on your experience, qualifications, knowledge of English. We take into account all your wishes, requests and special conditions.

  • Reliable:

    We support you in all phases: helping create a resume and prepare for a successful passage of interview.

4 Reasons to work in the Emirates, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus

  • 1

    Improve your status

    The work in international companies - is a unique experience. You can learn new skills, to raise the value of your CV, improve language skills, acquire useful business contacts.
  • 2

    Earn more right now

    High wages and decent working conditions. And a good tip has not been canceled in the tourist country!
  • 3

    Invest in the future

    The cost of the visa, flights, accommodation and meals takes on the employer. You can easily save money on your goals!
  • 4

    Resting in the global level

    How many different entertainment there is in one of the world's major tourist centers! And the best beaches in the world ?! A colorful multi-ethnic composition of the population of Emirates, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus? Excellent weekend stays, interesting conversation and new friends from around the world are guaranteed.

Hotels where you can work

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